Price List

Our classes are not only comprehensive, but also affordable!

  • 30-hours classroom /eight hours behind the wheel: $490.00*
  • 8-hour safe driving practices and drug/alcohol course: $150.00
  • DMV testing at Karla’s Driving School $75.00 for 16 and 17-year-olds, 18 if you have your photo permit. For 18 (without photo permit) and older license testing has to be done at a DMV branch, school car can be used for a fee of $75.00.
  • Extra behind the wheel instruction: (Student of the school): $50.00 per hour must be paid in advance of lesson
  • Complete Package: 30 hour classroom/Eight hours behind the wheel. DMV License test. Total= $565.00
  • Drive time only for adult not attending the driving school: $75.00 per hour/ must be paid in advance. Available on an hourly basis
  • Gift certificates available!

If you have any questions regarding our instruction, curriculum, procedures or fees, please feel free to call Karla’s Driving School Of Middlebury, at your convenience.

Phone: 203-758-9898


*Manuals and materials provided at no extra cost.

Payment: Credit Card/ Check / Cash

No Refund once student has started classes.

Returned check fee: $27.00

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